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'The King's Speech' fan fiction and general celebration.
This journal is for anything and everything related to 'The King's Speech': fan fiction, art, songvids, photo montages, podcasts, articles, interviews, video clips, links, etc. Celebrations of the hotness of Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, et al are fine with us, too (though not RPF about them posted in this comm, please).

We welcome gen, het, slash, crackfic, crossovers, alternate histories, drabbles, epics, you name it, though we ask for common sense warnings for potentially inflammatory content and cut tags for long posts. Links to other journals and to AO3, FF.net, and private archives are fine too, as long as the stories, icons, posts, etc. are unlocked.

The usual rules of civility apply: no nastiness, no advertisements, no posting of or links to unlicensed videos that could get us banned, click the back button if something's not your cuppa. Please use ratings on material not suitable for viewers who are underage in their region. Otherwise, celebrate away! We have open membership and posts are not moderated.

Thanks to sfaith who made our header!