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The King's Speech Royalist Loyalists
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11th-Dec-2017 01:15 am - Darkest Hour
rose garden

Gary Oldman and Ben Mendelsohn as Winston Churchill and the King in Darkest Hour.

Also, happy George VI Accession Day.
7th-Aug-2017 09:48 am - Churchill (2017)

James Purefoy as George VI speaking to Brian Cox's Churchill in the eponymous movie. Like the recent TV movie, this film focuses more on the PM's struggles with depression than his heroic leadership, but there's really nothing I don't love about the King.
11th-Apr-2017 12:29 pm - Just a Heads Up
here i stand
Because of the recent changes in LiveJournal, I'm going to back up this entire community to Dreamwidth (same name, since I'd staked it out years ago). If you have content here that you wish to keep only on LiveJournal, you should be able to log in using OpenID and delete any entries from Dreamwidth.

So that this isn't entirely an administrative post, here is an article about Queen Elizabeth feeding elephants.
5th-Nov-2016 01:40 am - The Crown

Netflix anyone? The first two episodes of The Crown are as much about George VI as Elizabeth I; he's played by Jared Harris, son of Richard Harris, and the very first images of the series focus on him. Image above is from the Telegraph; Romper has an article; and GQ has this delightful interview:
[T]hey shot The Crown at Elstree—which is where they shot The King's Speech. And there was this massive, massive 60-foot poster of that movie, with a 40-foot image of Colin Firth as King George VI. I would walk past him every single day, and he'd be looking down on me. In the beginning, I resented it and, being half Irish, took it personally and thought they'd done it on purpose." It was only later that Harris found an unexpected point of connection with Firth: Neither man even remotely resembles the actual George VI. "I remember walking past that poster and going, 'You know what? He doesn't look anything like him either. And that didn't bother anybody! It doesn't matter! It's fine!' It's interpretation, not impersonation, you know?" Harris points out with a laugh. "So thank you, Colin."
15th-Sep-2015 05:46 pm - A Different Speech
beautiful disaster
Has anyone else seen this? A Royal Night Out is a highly fictionalized Roman Holiday-esque version of Elizabeth and Margaret's V.E. Day celebrations. Colin Firth's old friend Rupert Everett plays George VI, Emily Watson plays Elizabeth, and Derek Lawson makes a brief appearance as Lionel Logue while the King is preparing the V.E. Day speech. Here, Bertie is on the phone with the man who's supposed to be guarding his daughters, who have slipped their security and gone off to various shady places around London.

Can We Get On With The Bloody Thing?Collapse )
10th-Apr-2015 11:38 am - The Imitation Game, Part Deux
Hi Folks. Is it very quiet here because we've all moved to Tumblr?

Just in case anyone has not, I figured I would make note here that there's some King's Speech/Imitation Game crossover fan art there (some slashy), which might be of interest, especially if you're a fan of Colin Firth and Mark Strong's ever-growing body of collaborative work!

Also there are lots of young people who have only just discovered the existence of Colin Firth because of Kingsman, which is just great fun to watch. Plus there's the genderswapped The Queen's Speech. (I'd cast Olivia Colman, not Emma Thompson, but it's still a fun concept.) Hope everyone is well!
26th-Dec-2014 01:18 am - The Imitation Game
as a friend
...has a great many virtues (I'm not even a Sherlock fan and I thought Cumberbatch was phenomenal, as well as Knightley, Goode, and really the entire cast), but I thought I should mention that excerpts from the King's speech -- the real one -- can be heard during the opening minutes of the movie. *mwah* Merry Christmas!
21st-Oct-2014 12:02 pm - Graphics
Long time no post. Hope everyone is well! I know there's little traffic here these days, but I check the king's speech tag at Tumblr and there are often stills and manips there, if no fic. I thought these were lovely.
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